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Character Study

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American Soldier
Song by Toby Keith
Songvid by Lindy
File size: 13.7 MB
Sgt Zeke Anderson is a career soldier who loves his country and he will bravely fight for its freedom no matter what the price or sacrifice.


As I’m Leaving
Song by David Gray
Songvid by Lindy
File size: 19.8 MB (med res)
Ruiz’s tour is up and it’s time for him to say goodbye to his buddies, his beloved Susanna and didi on back to the world.
(special note: this songvid is featured on Ramon Franco’s MySpace page.)


Be My Hero
Song by October Project
Songvid by DC
File size: 45.4 MB (high res), 13.0 MB (med res)
A character study of Myron


Boat on The River
Song by STYX
Songvid by SassyInkPen
File size: 57.1 MB
A tribute to Zeke. No matter how battle-weary or worn out he gets, he’s always there taking care of his men, even though even though deep in his heart he just wants it all to be over.


Both Sides of the Gun
Song by Ben Harper
Songvid by Kallie
File size: 38.2 MB
This vid is a character study of Skip Bellar. The song was just perfect for him and I couldn’t resist.


Cloud Nine
Song by the Temptations
Songvid by Kallie
File size: 61.5 MB, 6.89 MB (med res)
A disillusioned Danny Percell spirals downward into the world of drugs and alcohol.


Song by Tori Amos
Songvid by DC
File Size: 50.1 MB (high res), 15.2 (med res)
Doc Hockenbury didn’t believe in the war, but he came to Vietnam because he wanted to make a difference. Odd and gentle, brave and foolhardy, he refused to carry a weapon and made it clear he wouldn’t kill another human being. His convictions would cost him everything


Eight Easy Steps
Song by Alanis Morissette
Songvid by Despoena
File Size: 13 MB
Character study of Myron’s struggle to become the leader he wants to be.


Fortunate Son
Song by Creedence Clearwater Revival
Songvid by Kallie
File size: 31.3 MB, 4.33 MB (med res)
A Marcus Taylor-focused vid set to the classic CCR antiwar song.


How To Save a Life
Song by The Fray
Songvid by Lindy
File size: 13.8 MB (med res)
Zeke comes to the slow and painful realization that try as he may, sometimes people can't be saved. Or they don't wanna be saved. And he has a hard time dealing with that.


Music by Johnny Cash
Songvid by Kallie
File Size: 27.4 MB
Summary: I made this vid for DC’s birthday. It focuses on Myron’s pain and how he deals with it.


I Am a Rock
Song by Simon and Garfunkle
Songvid by Kallie
File size: 30.2 MB, 5.33 MB (med res)
Myron tries to be stoic, but we don’t buy that act for a minute.


Song by Shannon Noll
Songvid by Lindy
File size: 11.9 MB (med res)
The horrors of war and lifes cruelties have taken their toll on PFC Danny Percell. The unbearable guilt and shame is far too heavy a cross for the young man to bear, and leads him down the road to self destruction. And only one man can save him.


Magic Carpet Ride
Song by Steppenwolf
Songvid by DC
File size: 70.8 MB (high res), 14.4 MB (med res)
A look at the high flying Lt. John McKay. He’s cocky and an outrageous flirt with a flashy smile and there’s little he loves more than flying Hueys.


Remember Me
Music: Journey
Songvid by Kallie
File Size: 71 MB (high res), 20.4 MB (med res)
A tribute to Sergeant Zeke Anderson


Sand and Water
Song by Beth Nielson Chapman
Songvid by Kallie
File size: 59.1 MB, 7.79 MB (med res)
What is it with Zeke and kids?


Title: What I’ve Done |Character Study|
Vid by Kallie
Song Title/Music: What I’ve Done by Lincoln Park
File Size: 76.6MB
Summary: Myron is feeling guilty

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