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By U2
Songvid by Kallie
File Size: 22.5 MB (high res)
This song struck a chord with me. It has a haunting quality about it that inspired me to use a lot of fade-ins, mostly with Myron and jets.
By Josh Groban
Songvid by Kallie
File Size: 50.1 MB (high res)
This vid is a sad tribute to the characters who have died and to those who remember them.
by Mariah Carey
Songvid by Kallie

File size: 35.4 MB
A general Christmas vid for everyone to enjoy. Merry Christmas!
by Toby Keith
Songvid by Lindy
File size: 13.7 MB
Sgt Zeke Anderson is a soldier in the United States Army on his 3rd Tour of Duty in Vietnam. He's also a husband and father. Right now, he's missing his ex, and worried about the fact his daughter is growing up without him. And he's tired and frustrated by the lack of support the soldiers are getting from everyone back home. Why can't they just understand that they've got a job to do. And get off their backs.
As I'm Leaving
By David Gray
Songvid by Lindy
File Size: 19.8 MB (med res)
Ruiz's tour is up and it's time for him to say goodbye to his buddies, his beloved Susanna, and didi on back to the world. 
confusion.jpg (21147 bytes)
Ball of Confusion
by the Temptations
Songvid by Kallie
File Size: 70.7 MB
Make love, not war, hippies vs. the establishment, this vid attempts to capture the flavor of the 60’s using the war and the classic Temptations’ song as its backdrop.
Be My Hero
By October Project
Songvid by DC
File Size: 45.4 MB (high res)
              13.0 MB (med res)
A character study of Myron.
Boat.jpg (20756 bytes)
Boat on The River
Songvid by SassyInkPen
File Size: 57.1 MB
A tribute to Zeke.  No matter how battle-weary or worn out he gets, he's always there taking care of his men, even though deep in his heart, he just wants it all to be over.
brokendreams.jpg (17327 bytes)
Boulevard of Broken Dreams
by Greenday
Songvid by Kallie
File Size: 54.4 MB
Myron’s loneliness and longing, not to mention a good bit of sexiness, is on display in this one. Enjoy.      
breakable.jpg (15597 bytes)
by Fisher
Songvid by Kallie & DC
File Size: 44.2 MB (high res)
               6.95 MB (med res)
A look at the often volatile relationship of Myron and Alex. Alex may have cared for Myron, but he was first and foremost a source for her. She wasn’t above using him to get what she wanted.
Break on Through
By Jim Morrison and the Doors
Songvid by Kallie
File Size: 9.7 MB (med res)
A psychedelic look at the Vietnam war with Jim Morrison and the Doors.
cloudnine.jpg (20064 bytes)
Cloud Nine
by the Temptations
Songvid by Kallie
File Size: 61.5 MB
A disillusioned Danny Percell spirals downward into the world of drugs and alcohol.
Crucify.jpg (19374 bytes)
By Tori Amos
Songvid by DC
File Size: 50.1 MB (high res)
              15.2 MB (med res)
Doc Hockenbury didn't believe in the war, but he came to Vietnam because he wanted to make a difference. Odd and gentle, brave and foolhardy, he refused to carry a weapon and made it clear he wouldn't kill another human being. His convictions would cost him everything.
by Steven Seagal
Songvid by Kingdom of Legends

File size: 44 MB
No slash, or well, none intended :)  Kind of a sad song, which made me think about all the guys on the show.  A video about all the guys, or well, I've tried. *grin*  Zeke and Myron just happened to pop up too often, and took over.  :)
by Strange Fruit
Songvid by Kallie
File size: 29.8 MB
A collection of still photos set to music.
worth.jpg (23114 bytes)
For What It’s Worth
by Buffalo Springfield
Songvid by Kallie
File Size: 33.3 MB
Something’s definitely happening here. This is the first vid I ever made... for what it’s worth.
fortunateson.jpg (15171 bytes)
Fortunate Son
by Creedence Clearwater Revival
Songvid by Kallie
File Size: 31.3 MB
A Marcus Taylor-focused vid set to the classic CCR antiwar song.
America.jpg (9076 bytes)
God Bless America
by Celine Dion
Songvid by Kallie
File Size: 56.5 MB
A sobering tribute to our troops: past, present and future.
The Good, the Bad, and the Dead

by Trevor Jones and Randy Edelman (Last of the Mohicans soundtrack)
Songvid by Kallie

File size: 61.7

This is an episode based vid set to music from the movie "The Last of the Mohicans." I made this vid for DC and Morgan because this is one of their favorite eps.
Home.jpg (8806 bytes)
Home for a Rest
by Spirit of the West
Songvid by Kallie
File Size: 40.1 MB
A look at how the guys take the edge off. Hint...there was no shortage of usable clips for this one.
How to Save a Life
By The Fray
Songvid by Lindy
File Size: 13.8 MB (med res)
Clips for this vid were taken from the episodes Sleeping Dogs (season 2)  USO Down (season 1) and The Good, the Bad and the Dead (season 1).
Zeke comes to the slow and painful realization that try as he may, sometimes people can't be saved. Or they don't wanna be saved. And he has a hard time dealing with that. 
rock.jpg (17304 bytes)
I Am a Rock
by Simon and Garfunkle
Songvid by Kallie
File Size: 30.2 MB
Myron tries to be stoic but we don’t buy that act for a minute. 
I'm On Fire
By Switchfoot
Songvid by Lindy
File Size: 14.2 MB (med res)
They met by chance, in the middle of a war.
And fell in love. Now one of them has to leave.
Ketchup.jpg (10606 bytes) The Ketchup Song
by Las Ketchup
Songvid by Kallie
File Size: 51.7 MB (high res)
              12.9 MB (med res)  
A silly look at Myron’s and Zeke’s mannerisms, mirroring each other with the help of a few special effects.
By Shannon Noll
Songvid by Lindy
File Size: 11.9 MB (med res)
The horrors of war and lifes cruelties have taken their toll on PFC Danny Percell. The unbearable guilt and shame is far too heavy a cross for the young man to bear, and leads him down the road to self destruction.  And only one man can save him.
by Oasis
Songvid by Kallie

File size: 62.2 MB
The first time I heard this song I knew I wanted to vid it for Tour of Duty.  It fits so perfectly. I made this general fandom vid for Mel for Christmas.
magiccarpetride.jpg (20717 bytes)
Magic Carpet Ride
by Steppenwolf
Songvid by DC
File Size: 70.8 MB (high res)
              14.4 MB (med res)
A look at the high flying Lt. John McKay. He’s cocky and an outrageous flirt with a flashy smile and there’s little he loves more than flying Hueys.
manah.jpg (20456 bytes)
by The Muppets
Songvid by Kallie
File Size: 24.8 MB
What happens when Tour of Duty meets the Muppets?  
Masters.jpg (7522 bytes)
Masters of War
By Pearl Jam
Songvid by Kallie
File Size: 18.4 MB (med res)
This vid focuses on the higher ups who pull the strings behind the scenes and ultimately must share responsibility for all the crimes committed in the name of war.
nosonofmine.jpg (19024 bytes)
No Son of Mine
by Phil Collins
Songvid by Kallie
File Size: 73.3 MB
The General and Myron have never had much of a relationship and it shows.
NowComesTheNight.jpg (22249 bytes)
Now Comes the Night
By Rob Thomas
Songvid by Kethry
File Size: 11.4 MB
An exploration of the grief of war.
Paint.jpg (18332 bytes)
Paint It Black
by The Rolling Stones
Songvid by Kallie
File Size: 99.5 MB (high res)
              12.5 MB (med res)   
A darker look at Vietnam with a little help from the Tour of Duty theme song.
by GOB
Songvid by Kingdom of Legends

File size: 29.1 MB
Just a basic action video, with the song "Paint It Black" performed by the group GOB.  Most of the scenes are from my favourite episode "Alder Security" but other episodes were used as well...
Proud to Be a Soldier
By Tom Lehrer
Songvid by Kallie & DC
File Size: 38.5 MB (high res)
File Size: 8.3 MB (med res)
A humorous look at being in the Army Adam Schanz.
RescueMe.jpg (20189 bytes)
Rescue Me
by Fontella Bass
Songvid by DC
File Size: 45.7 MB (high res)
              10.9 MB (med res)
When this was shown at ZebraCon 2005, a comment was made that “Vietnam isn’t funny.” Maybe so, but this is a look at some of the more humorous moments brought to us by the series.
runthrujungle.jpg (22897 bytes)
Run Through the Jungle
by Creedence Clearwater Revival
Songvid by DC
File Size: 62.2 MB (high res)
              11.2 MB (med res)
A classic Vietnam song by CCR. Vietnam was a hard and dangerous place to be with every day holding new risks.
sandandwater.jpg (18347 bytes)
Sand and Water
by Beth Nielson Chapman
Songvid by Kallie
File Size: 59.1 MB
Adam Schanz
sharpdressed.jpg (7183 bytes) Sharp Dressed Man
by ZZ Top
Songvid by Darcie (AKA Kallie)
File Size: 16.1 MB
Sharp Dressed Man -- A vid that crosses four fandoms and  features eight really hot looking men. Tour of Duty, Stargate, Smallville, X-Files.  Enjoy!
by Steven Curtis Chapman
Songvid by Kingdom of Legends

File size: 22 MB
Really beautiful and sad song, taken from the "We Were Soldiers" soundtrack, which made me think about all the guys on the show, of course .  A video about all the guys, or well, I've tried considering I've made this video in 10 minutes *grin* 
by Jonathan Edwards
Songvid by DC
File Size: 28.5 MB (high res)
               8.6 MB (med res)
A look at what is between Myron and his father.
by Emerson Drive
Songvid by Lorna & Natalie
File size: 22.7 MB
Myron's in love...Nikki can't overcome her fear. 
By Melissa Etheridge
Songvid by Kallie
File Size: 59.8 MB (high res)
File Size: 15.0 MB (med res)
Don't let hearts break, don't let children cry, before it gets too late, I want to testify...
rain.jpg (21959 bytes)
Who’ll Stop the Rain
by Creedence Clearwater Revival
Songvid by Kallie
File Size: 42.2 MB (high res)
              8.85 MB (med res)
The rain never stops, figuratively and literally in another CCR classic.
Special note: The following vids are explorations into the relationship of the Tour of Duty characters BEYOND friendship. If you don’t agree with the concept (referred to as slash) or you find this offensive, then we recommend you don’t view these vids.
Better Than Me
by Hinder
Songvid by PFC Cherry
File size: 16.9 MB
In the aftermath of the episode "The Good, the Bad and the Dead." What happens to a relationship when the trust is gone? Sgt. Anderson and Lt. Goldman are about to find out.
The Boy Feels Strange
By Melissa Etheridge
Songvid by Kallie
File Size: 32.5 MB (high res)

Zeke notices the changes Myron has undergone since arriving in Vietnam.


cantfind.jpg (19415 bytes)
Can’t Find My Way Home
By Steve Winwood
Songvid by DC
File Size: 34.3 MB (high res)
              12.2 MB (med res)
There is no one more messed up than Myron, who has lost so much. Zeke is the one person who keeps him centered and gives him something to hold onto, something to believe in.
Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind
By The Lovin' Spoonful
Songvid by Kallie & DC
File Size: 23 MB (high res)

Decisions, decisions, decisions...


probablyme.jpg (18683 bytes)
It’s Probably Me
by Sting
Songvid by Kallie
File Size: 67.6 MB
Myron and Zeke, and there’s no probably about it.
by Clannad (Last of the Mohicans soundtrack)
Songvid by Kallie

File size: 71.0 MB
It's nice to know that no matter where Myron goes, Zeke will always find him. This is another song from "The Last of the Mohicans." I tried to capture some of the mood of the song and the movie in this slashy video.
Listen.jpg (21151 bytes)
Listen to Your Heart
By Roxette
Songvid by DC
File Size: 39.0 MB (high res)
               14.4 MB (med res)
Myron thought everything was fine until his world was upended with the death of Alex Devlin. This vid shows that there was someone else who’d been with him all along, who still waits for him to realize what he’s always had, if he’d simply open his eyes.
lonelyroad.jpg (19232 bytes)
Lonely Road of Faith
by Kid Rock
Songvid by Kallie
File Size: 82.4 MB (high res)
              20.0 MB (med res)
              10.2 MB (low res)
A Myron/Zeke vid that goes beyond friendship, with an assist from Kid Rock.
Possession.jpg (18298 bytes)
By Sarah McLachlan
Songvid by Kallie
File Size: 33.5 MB
Zeke knows what he wants and he won't be denied.

ReasonToMourn.jpg (18861 bytes)
Reason to Mourn
By Ben Harper
Songvid by Kallie
File Size: 43.5 MB (high res)
              16.6 MB (med res)
Zeke prays Myron will never give him cause to experience the ultimate grief.
Something to Talk About
By Bonnie Raitt
Songvid by Kallie
File Size: 55.9 MB (high res)
A lighthearted look at the entire freakin' platoon.
by Rascal Flats
Songvid by Kallie
File size: 45.8 MB
Myron wants Zeke but can't find the courage to express his feelings.